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Basic Research for Clinicians

Systematic Reviews: What They Are, Why They Are Important, and How to Get Involved

Volume 1, Oct 2012

Heather MacKenzie, PhD., Ann Dewey, PhD., Amy Drahota, PhD., Sally Kilburn, PhD., Paul R Kalra, MA, FRCP, MD, Carole Fogg, MSc., Donah Zachariah, MBBS, MRCP, Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK

This article introduces systematic reviews and their purpose, and considerations in understanding and appraising reviews. The processes involved in planning and conducting a review are summarized, and resources for new reviewers are listed. (J Clin Prev Cardiol 2012;1(4):193-202)

Key Words:
Systematic review; meta-analysis; forest plot; overview; Cochrane.

Volume 1, Number 4, Pages: 193-202

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