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About JCPC

The burden of cardiovascular diseases is increasing globally, particularly in the emerging world economies. Ironically, the countries that can least afford public health issues of such proportions seem to be the most vulnerable to them. The result is myocardial infarctions in early thirties! Unheard of till a decade earlier, this has become common-place in South Asia. Whereas metabolic syndrome, hypertension, diabetes, dyslipidemia are encountered on a daily basis in any clinic, nursing home or hospital, rheumatic heart disease, cardiomyopathy, congestive heart failure and atrial fibrillation are also equally rampant, causing additional economic burden to people who are largely out-of-pocket payers. Undoubtedly, South-Asia presents a cardiovascular health scenario which is unique in almost every aspect- epidemiology, genetics, patient beliefs and philosophies, availability of resources and infrastructure, and finally, governmental will and efforts to fight them. 

To disseminate the knowledge about this huge but distinct burden of disease, an avenue is required which is powerful yet reachable, diverse yet focused and informative yet authoritative. Sadly, hardly any exists at present. The Journal of Clinical & Preventive Cardiology endeavors to fill this very void. This journal aims to not only address the real world scenario that arise in the clinical care of the patients with heart disease and its myriad nuances, but also to lay the framework for prevention- primordial, primary and secondary. It is also expected to serve as a sounding board for clinicians to raise their questions and get them answered by the experts. The journal is published quarterly and is available in both print and electronic form. A rigorous peer-review process is in place to ensure that the journal delivers the highest quality of the scientific content.

The editorial board of the journal is comprised of the eminent clinicians and academicians who have been leaders in the field of cardiovascular medicine and have vast experience in scientific publications. A team of very enthusiastic and talented, young cardiologists, serves as the editorial team, whose energy and commitment towards the cause are the driving force behind this journal. It is matched by an equally enthusiastic and competent publishing team at Kontentworx that endeavors to ensure high standards of publication quality and ethics.

Ravi R Kasliwal