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Review Article

Cigarette Smoking and Cardiovascular Health

Volume 4, Jul 2015

Kushagra Mahansaria, MD, MPH, MBA, Ravi R Kasliwal, MD, DM, Gurgaon, India


In their pathogenesis, cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are among the most complex human diseases. The interplay of genes, lifestyle, and the environment defines the onset, mode of initiation, location and type of cardiovascular outcome. The myriads of risk factors, physiochemical interactions, cell types, and biological processes involved add to the complexity of these diseases (1-4). ). In the 1960s, the US Surgeon General and American Heart Association issued reports warning of the dangers of smoking on fatal coronary artery disease (5-7). Since those early publications, 32 US Surgeon General reports have been released exposing the harmful effects of cigarette smoking on cardiovascular health (8,9).

Volume 4, Number 3, Pages: 58-65

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