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Basic Research for Clinicians

Research Question, Study Design and Continuous Research Education and Training Exercises (CREATE) Program

Volume 1, Jan 2012

Tal Burt, Pooja Sharma, Sanjay Mittal; Durham, NC, USA; Gurgaon, India

The clinical research project starts with identifying the optimal research question, one that is ethical, impactful, feasible, scientifically sound, novel, relevant, and interesting. The project continues with the design of the study to answer the research question.  Such design should be consistent with ethical and methodological principles, and make optimal use of resources in order to have the best chances of identifying a meaningful answer to the research question.  Physicians and other healthcare providers are optimally positioned to identify meaningful research questions the answer to which could make significant impact on healthcare delivery.  The typical medical education curriculum, however, lacks solid training in clinical research.  We propose CREATE (Continuous Research Education And Training Exercises) as a peer- and group-based, interactive, analytical, customized, and accrediting program with didactic, training, mentoring, administrative, and professional support to enhance clinical research knowledge and skills among healthcare professionals, promote the generation of original research projects, increase the chances of their successful completion and potential for meaningful impact.  The key features of the program are successive intra- and inter-group discussions and confrontational thematic challenges among participating peers aimed at capitalizing on the groups’ collective knowledge, experience and skills, and combined intellectual processing capabilities to optimize choice of research project elements and stakeholder decision-making.
Key Words:  Clinical Research Education (CRE); CREATE; educational program; research question; study design; workshops 

Volume 1, Number 1, Page: 35-43

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