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Prevalence of Metabolic Syndrome in Prehypertensive Urban Adult Population

Volume 4, Jan 2015

Om Murti Anil, Kathmandu, Nepal

Background: Metabolic syndrome (MS) is associated with development of cardiovascular disease, Diabetes mellitus and hypertension. Prehypertension is associated with an increased prevalence of both heart disease and risk for stroke.
Materials and Methods: This study aims on showing the difference in prevalence of MS among Prehypertensive and Normal individuals, and also compares the prevalence of MS identified by different diagnostic criteria. A total of 300 subjects (150 men and 150 women) aged ≥ 18years attending a free heart camp and meeting study criteria were analysed for the presence of MS.

Results: The prevalence of MS in study population was 54.2% by using IDF 2005 criteria. Prevalence was 80% in subjects with hypertension, followed by those with prehypertension (62.5%) and Normotension (20%). Prevalence of MS was 47.5% by NCEP/ATPIII 2001 criteria. Prevalence of MS in less than 50 years age group was 42.3%, while that in 50 and above age group was 76.3%. Prevalence of MS was more common in female (58%) than male (50%).

Conclusions: Prevalence of MS is high in urban adults of Nepal. Prehypertension is associated with three times higher prevalence of MS than Normotension. Prevalence of MS increased in parallel to age. IDF definition estimates higher prevalence of MS than ATPIII criteria. (J Clin Prev Cardiol. 2015;4(1):1-6)
Key words: Metabolic Syndrome, Prehypertension, Prevalence, Urban Adults

Volume 4, Number 1, Pages: 1-6

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