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Basic Research for Clinicians

P Value, Statistical Significance and Clinical Significance

Volume 2, Oct 2013

Padam Singh, PhD Gurgaon, India

In medical research it is desirable to indicate the p-value while presenting the results of statistical tests of significance. The p value is calculated using the null distribution of test statistic. The computed p-value is compared with the level of significance while drawing the inference. All statistically significant differences need not be clinically significant. In view of this, it is suggested to appropriately frame the hypothesis to detect the Medically Important Clinical Difference (MICD) as significant. (J Clin Prev Cardiol. 2013;2(4):202-4)

Keywords: Clinical significance, Level of significance, Null distribution, p-value, Type I error

Volume 2, Number 4, Pages: 202-4

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