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Left Ventricular Cyst in a Young Female. What Could be the Cause?

Volume 4, Jul 2015

S. R. Mittal DM (Cardiology), Ajmer, India

A 20 years female was evaluated for atypical chest pain. Clinical examination, electrocardiogram and skiagram of chest were normal. Echocardiography revealed a cystic lesion in LV apex (Fig 1 – image 1 & 2). The cyst had intracavity echoes (arrow). Underlying myocardium was normal. There was mild mitral and tricuspid regurgitation (Fig. 1- image 3 & 4). There was no other lesion. Skiagram of chest and sonography of abdomen were normal. Total eosinophil count was 1050/cu mm. Casoni skin test was negative.

Volume 4, Number 3, Pages: 76-77

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