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Review Article

Hypertension in Pregnancy: Current Perspective

Volume 2, Apr 2013

Rahul Mehrotra MD, DNB, Ravi R Kasliwal MD, DM, Gurgaon, India

Hypertension is the most common medical problem encountered during pregnancy worldwide. It is believed that hypertensive disorders complicate 5-10% pregnancies, depending upon the population studied and about 25% of all antenatal admissions are due to hypertension related complications (1). It is also considered to be the second most frequent cause of direct maternal death in the developed world (2). It is more common in the blacks, women more than 45 years of age and with diabetes. With the increasing trend of delaying pregnancy, increasing prevalence of baseline hypertension, diabetes and obesity, it is believed that these rates may actually be an underestimation of the true disease burden in the current era.

Volume 2, Number 2, Pages: 84-90

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