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Effect of Tricuspid Stenosis on Tricuspid Anulus Tissue Doppler Imaging Velocities

Volume 2, Jan 2013

Sita Ram Mittal, DM, Ajmer, India

A 20-year-old female was referred for echocardiography. Echocardiography showed tight mitral stenosis (MS) with pliable leaflets. Tricuspid leaflets were thick and showed diastolic doming, diagnostic of tricuspid stenosis (TS) (Figure 1). There was no calcification. Pulsed Doppler evaluation of tricuspid flow revealed slow E-F slope with moderate tricuspid regurgitation (Figure 2). Tissue Doppler imaging revealed reduction in early diastolic velocity (Ea) of lateral as well as medial tricuspid anulus (Figures 3, 4). Late diastolic velocity (Aa) velocity was not increased.

Volume 2, Number 1, Pages: 53-4

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