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Basic Research for Clinicians

Designing a Cardiology Research Project Research Questions, Study Designs and Practical Considerations

Volume 2, Jan 2013

Ann Dewey PhD, Amy Drahota PhD, Carole Fogg MSc, Paul R Kalra MA, FRCP, MD, Sally Kilburn PhD, Christian Markham PhD, Donah Zachariah MBBS, MRCP, Rebecca Stores PhD, Hampshire, UK

This article gives a broad introduction to developing a research question and selecting an appropriate study design to answer the question. The next steps are then outlined, including finding out if there is ongoing research related to the topic, choosing appropriate outcome measures and writing a protocol with the appropriate team members. (J Clin Prev Cardiol 2012;2(1):37-47)
Key Words: Outcome measures; protocol; service user; qualitative research; quantitative research; research question; study design

Volume 2, Number 1, Pages: 37-47

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