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Review Article

Cardiovascular Risk Stratification In Indians

Volume 4, Jan 2015

Manish Bansal, MD, DNB Cardiology; Rahul Mehrotra, MD, DNB Cardiology; Ravi R Kasliwal, MD, DM, Gurgaon, India

Estimation of the risk of occurrence of future atherosclerotic cardiovascular (CV) events is an important step in the management of the patients requiring primary prevention of CV disease. The ability to quantify future CV risk allows objective assessment of the ‘seriousness’ of the illness, provides a means to communicate the same to the patient and his family, and most importantly, forms the basis on which a number of important therapeutic decisions are taken. The aggressiveness of the lifestyle changes, the need and intensity of statin therapy, use of aspirin, etc. 

Volume 4, Number 1, Pages: 7-17

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