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Debate - Part 1

Beta Blockers Should Not be Used as First Line Antihypertensive Agent

Volume 2, Apr 2013

M. K. Sharma, MD, DNB, S. C. Manchanda MD, DM, New Delhi, India

Hypertension is an important public health problem in both industrialized and low and middle income countries due to its high prevalence (1) and associated morbidity and mortality (2). Beta blockers have been widely prescribed to treat hypertension over the years (3). While the benefits of these agents in reducing cardiovascular events in people with preexisting heart disease are clear (4), their clinical benefits in individuals with uncomplicated hypertension are less well-defined. Questions have been raised about beta blockers as first-line treatment options in hypertension (5).

Volume 2, Number 2, Pages: 95-100

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