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Case Report

Aortic Root Abscess - Diagnosis, Complications and Managment

Volume 3, Oct 2014

Veeraj V. Kalburgi DNB, Hyderabad, India

 Aortic root abscess is a complication of aortic valve infective endocarditis. Not uncommon, this is a devastating disease associated with high morbidity and mortality. It usually occurs in immune-compromised, debilitated patients with multiple co-morbidities or in I/V drug abusers either on native or on prosthetic valves. Early diagnosis and prompt surgical intervention goes a long way in treating such patients successfully. Echocardiography plays a key role in early detection of this dreaded complication. We report here a patient of native valve endocarditis of aortic valve complicated with formation of aortic root abscess.

Volume 3, Number 4, Pages: 153-154 

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