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Review Article

Added Sugars - The New Tobacco - The Contemporary Perspectives

Volume 3, Oct 2014

Navneet Wadhwa, MD (Pharmacology), Mumbai, India


Sugar-sweetened drinks have been associated with several health problems. About 75% of all foods and beverages contain added sugar in a large array of forms. Consumption of soft drinks has increased fivefold since 1950. Consumption of calorie-sweetened beverages has continued to increase and plays a role in the epidemic of obesity, the metabolic syndrome, and fatty liver disease. Reducing intake of soft drinks is associated with less weight gain. The intake of added sugars, such as from table sugar (sucrose) and high-fructose corn syrup has increased dramatically in the last hundred years and correlates closely with the rise in obesity, metabolic syndrome, and diabetes.

Volume 3, Number 4, Pages:01-06 

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